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I liked it

I don't really understand why this got blam'd. I mean so what if a little bit of stuff was repeated, this episode STILL had lots of new stuff, like the anchor videos. I sure hope this does not discourage FleckoGold and PresidentZan from continuing this series. Props to you guys!

FleckoGold responds:

Oh, I doubt there will be anything that will discourage us from continuing to do what we love to do. :D

It didn't actually get blammed, though. We deleted it, ourselves, after the first day because we had issues with the preloader. Gotta maintain that professional presentation whenever possible!


I you can get there!

Vote up peoples!

This deserves more views

stellar job man!

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Quite a full sound, and epic in nature; I could totally envision what your description entailed. :)

SAMFISH responds:

Thanks so much!

As an overall idea, this sounds terrific! Seriously, this sounds amazing for a bare-bones MIDI file. I'd really like to see how you could fully flesh something like this out with next level software. I just recently got FL studio 11 and fell in love. Seriously, I was reluctant to buy it for 100 bucks but totally worth it. I mean, a lot of the plugins cost a heavy amount but there are soooo many free ones as well.
As for the song, itself, I think it sounds very good, particularly for your first submission. There are a few parts where I can hear some dissonance but I think it actually adds to the overall feel of the piece. And it really screams Final Fantasy to me for some reason. I'm not sure what else to say but I'm looking forward to hearing the finished version of this, and what you produce in the future. Nice Job!

All of your guy's music is so catchy! This one is definitely no exception. Absolutely love the synthesized guitar effect that enters at about 0:42. Yet another great song to blast in my car. Keep 'em coming!

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Haha xD

this is old...

Goofy music by a goofball. :P



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