I created a Soundcloud Account

2012-08-27 15:29:36 by SirKoto51

Good for me! Yippee doo and what-not.


Finally uploaded something.

2012-08-10 18:59:43 by SirKoto51

about time.


2011-12-05 15:22:57 by SirKoto51

YES!!! :D


http://gametelegraph.com/games/defense s/cats-vs-mice

You should go play it!

Things Have Been Slow Lately

2011-08-11 13:25:06 by SirKoto51

So slow, as a matter of fact, that I've only posted one song in 2 months... AND that was just one of my other songs reversed. Maybe I'll make something new eventually. But, as of now, I'm out of ideas.


2011-04-24 15:46:06 by SirKoto51

I'm Mad at Cakewalk studio 5. I recently got a new computer and tried to transfer Cakewalk to it BUT apparently you can only register the product once so... RAWR!!!! I don't know if I am going to upload anything else for a long time. :(

Eh, composin'

2011-02-27 19:13:28 by SirKoto51

Just composed a new song today. I'm still alternating between FL Studio and CakeWalk Music Creator 5. Both are, however, good music software, they just both serve different purposes. It's funny cuz I know that no one reads these. xD

Not up to much...

2011-02-08 16:30:09 by SirKoto51

As if anyone is going to read this anyway xD I'm just kinda drained out of ideas right now.... inspiration comes at weird times though, so who knows, maybe I'll output something new soon...

Getting Close to my Birthday!

2011-01-27 16:31:51 by SirKoto51

For my birthday I'm purchasing the full version of FL Studio. (and possibly a few new plugins to go with it) Wondering when? Well, this year it just happens to fall on Super Bowl Sunday. I'm addicted to the demo version at the moment and, believe me, it is such a step up from the old Cakewalk software I had been using. I'm really looking forward to putting out some new songs with this software, so keep Updated! :D